Polaris Buys Brammo - Electric Motorcycle Manufacturer

Within months of Harley showing off the LiveWire, Polaris Industries has announced that it has upped its stake further in electric motorcycle maker Brammo. Polaris, the mother company of Victory Motorcycles and Indian Motorcycle, now owns Brammo and will move production from Oregon to Spirit Lake, Iowa where the Indians are made, later in 2015.

Brammo's Enertia and Empulse are worldwide regarded as some of the best e-motorcycles on sale and are powered by their own lithium-ion batteries.
As we said, Polaris also owns Indian and Victory. The official information ends there but Polaris has been looking for an electric powertrain for its ATVs and there is a suggestion that future electric motorcycles from Indian Motorcycle and/or Victory may be not far from reallity.

With buying e-motorcycle maker Brammo, Polaris has moved ahead of Harley-Davidson on technology and production knowledge, without ever making an electric motorcycle. In Thailand, both Victory Motorcycles and Indian Motorcycles are represented by official distributors.Tag: Polaris Victory-Motorcycles Brammo Electric Vehicle EV Electric Bike Enertia Empulse e-motorcycle Lithium-Ion Battery
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