Pivot Pegz for my Honda CRF450X Motorcycle

The aftermath of far too many crashes, over the years of riding and racing, have left me with, among other unwelcome gifts, ankles that don't quite articulate like they once did.

That can be a problem when I'm riding off-road. Like most riders. I sit far forward on off-road motorcycle to get as much weight as possible on the front end for crisp turning, and I like the rear-brake pedal adjusted so I don't have to lift my entire leg off the footpeg to apply the brake. But when standing on the pegs to keep my weight rearward going down steep hills, my ankle won't rotate forward far enough to easily apply the rear brake if the pedal is adjusted for the sitting position.

Thankfully, I've found a decent remedy for this problem by bolting on a set of Pivot Pegz. These are direct-replacement footegs that, as their name indicates, pivot forward and backward on shafts built onto their bases. The pivoting action not only eases the task of applying the rear brake from both a sitting and standing position, it keeps boots firmly planted on the entire cleated surface of the pegs as I move back and forth on the motorcycle.
The Pivot Pegz footpegs can pivot, what I guess, 15 degrees forward and backwards, and they use a spring to keep them in the 'neutral' position until rider movement causes them to rotate.

Installation on our Honda CRF450X took just a few minutes; and that should hold true with any motorcycle; you simply unbolt the old, bolt on the new. The Pivot-Pegz footpegs are beautifully made, far mote so than the Honda originals, and fit perfectly.

I'm really pleased with the results, even though the Pivot Pegz have not entirely resolved my brake-pedal problem. But they have made it possible for me to find a reasonable compromise between a pedal position that is either too high or too low. I now can rock my right foot backward a little more easily to access the pedal when sitting, yet I can rotate it forward far enough to apply rear brake when standing.Tag: Honda CRF450X Pegz Pivot-Pegz footpegs Accessories Parts Enduro Off-Road Dual-Sport
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