Dani Pedrosa Underwent Arm-Pump Operation

Dani Pedrosa underwent 'complicated and aggressive' surgery to cure his long-term problems with arm pump in Madrid last week. The Spaniard, who finished sixth at the season opener in Qatar, has been plagued by the complaint for years, which is a condition that sees a build up of blood in the rider's forearm which is not only extremely painful but also prevents him from using the throttle, brakes and clutch. Pedrosa's latest operation is the third attempt to cure the problem.

Pedrosa stunned the MotoGP paddock after the Qatar race by calling a press conference where he revealed just how serious his condition had become.

He said: 'I cannot perform as I know I can, and I have to find a way to solve this problem. I cannot continue racing and performing this was, so my plan is to try and fix my arm. I don't know what it is to be, because neither do the doctors, but I will try to get rid of the problem.'
While his previous doctors advised against having additional surgery. Pedrosa felt he had no other options available to him as he sought a cure. Having raced in Qatar and seen the problem flare up throughout the race the Spaniard's career is now hanging in the balance with the very real possibility that he may not be able to continue to race in MotoGP if the problem is not cured.

Pedrosa underwent an exceptionally extreme approach to curing arm pump. Whereas most riders will have the fascias sliced and released to allow the blood to flow easier through the arm, Pedrosa required the next stage of that process – having layers of fascia completely removed in a bid to cure the complaint.

Usually riders need approximately 10 to 14 days to recover. However due to the nature of his surgery, Pedrosa will need up to six weeks to recover, meaning he could miss at least three rounds of MotoGP racing.[neta:key Pedrosa,Honda,MotoGP,Arm-Pump,recovery,racing,Dani-Pedrosa]
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