Are you Paying Enough Attention to your Tires?

Motorcycle tires, they're round and black and they should have air inside. This much most of us know but if tires could talk they'd be screaming 'pay me some attention'. Go on, admit it, when was the last time you took a close look at the tires on your motorcycle?

If the tires on your motorcycle are worn to much you're not getting the most from your motorcycle its as simple as that. Still, especial small capacity motorcycles in Thailand, you can see enough motorcycles that have tires with nearly no tread or even showing canvas. No tread left or canvas showing!!?? Do you really have to be told? If not by us then maybe you're waiting for a rescue or hospital worker to tell you that it's unsafe to ride like that... If the canvas is showing give yourself the dignity to replace them before somebody tells you 'riding like that is asking for an accident'. If the tread pattern is worn, it won't displace water on the road so well either so have a look. 1.6mm is the minimum standard.
For some trackday addicts, who you apparently always can find at the track. I saw some who have worn edges on the tires they use. Okay, so you're been on how many trackdays and always have a great time, knee down everywhere and blast away. The trouble is that the right-handed track has made your tire look decidedly uneven, especially the rear. It's probably fine but use some common sense – if it looks bad it's bad – so bin it. If it's turned blue or looks flatter on one side be more cautious.

A tire who shows blue isn't 'done', you can still ride it one the road – or even take it on track again. Just feel your way back into the ride and remember it is worn...

The profile of different motorcycle tires affects how your ride 'feels'. Generally speaking the more road-biased tire is the slower steering and more stable it will feel thanks to a subtly flatter profile. Track-biased tires are the opposite – faster steering, less stable due to a sharper profile. The reasons are simple; to make your motorcycle handle better in the right conditions – so make the right choice. We need a greater contact patch in the center of the tire on the road because we lean over less and need more stability for bumps. Similarly the smoother surface of a race track allows a pointier/less stable tire profile in favor of greater contact patch when leant over..
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