'One Shot' Bike - fuel and exhaust cleaner

Cataclean 'One Shot' Bike is a patented fuel and exhaust system cleaner from Cataclean and for such an inexpensive product it promises a hell of a lot of benefits to your motorcycle. The pour and go solution is claimed to improve horsepower and torque, improve throttle response, reduce carbon build-up and clean fuel injectors, improve fuel consumption and reduce emissions by up to 60 percent.

Of course if we get a product like this delivered from a company in Hong Kong, we normally not test it on one of our most valued motorcycles, but with some research we found that the company sells this product and has distributors all over the world. (They looking for a distributor for Thailand.)
Using the 'One Shot' Bike is incredibly simple, add one bottle to five liters of fuel, ride 'normally' for 15 to 20 minutes to run the application cycle and then you're good to go. While I can't back up Cataclean's bold claims using science, I can say that after applying the 'One Shot' Bike to a 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 650 and taking it for a short application ride, there was a definite positive change in the throttle response and the motorcycle felt to be running 'smoother' overall.

It's worth mentioning that 'One Shot' Bike has been designed to work with all 4-stroke engines and there are different methods of use depending on whether your motorcycle has fuel injection or not.

After some thinking about 'One Shot' Bike I have to say that it probably works best on older motorcycles 2005 to 2010 who maybe have generated some congestion in the fueling system. If the product would become available in Thailand anytime soon it would probably cost around 600 THB, which is not a bad price.
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