OBD Tool for Suzuki Motorcycles

It's never a good feeling when your motorcycle throws a code indicating anything from a failing O2 sensor to a number 2 cylinder misfire.

Counting the flashes of a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) and referring to a service manual is one way to self-diagnose, but its not nearly as specific as using an OBD tool.

Healteach has developed a plug-and-play OBD Tool for Suzuki fuel-injection motorcycle with the functionality of a factory unit at a fraction of the cost. The software instantly reads the DTC(s) and clears them after the problem is repaired.
Healtech's waterproof unit is priced for the regular rider but capable enough for the needs of a professional repair shop. Sensor values are shown in real time and the extended fault and engine performance measurements can be saved and played back if needed.

The Healtech OBD Tool comes with lifetime warranty and a hard case. It's currently also available for Honda motorcycles, and other models are in development.
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