Nuts and Bolts, Fasteners Stuck

Now is the time of the year when people tend to get the bolt-on horn. It's a common complaint. So imagine then, their instant utter disappointment when the bolts they need to be undoing won't budge.

Stuck fasteners can be a problem regardless how old your motorcycle is. It's either caused by too much thread-lock or corrosion between the treads in the absence of any lubrication on them.

So what do you do? Hopefully, at the first sign of a nut or bolt being stuck you won't simply apply more force, especially true if you're working with shallow cap head bolts.So you have two options. The easiest is to shock the fastener (i.e. Hit it in a way that neither damages the head or the thread).

An impact driver is ideal. This should break the corrosion and allow you to undo it. If you think thread lock is holding the component, heat is the best option. Use a heat gun to heat the surrounding area if you're undoing a bolt. For a stuck nut, heat it directly. (Keep heat away from any plastic fairing parts, they melt faster then you would think).

And remember, no bolt or nut is impossible to remove, but it can take a big effort. The first rule is to stay calm.
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