Nobody Wears Full Riding Gear to go Shopping

Everyday motorcycle riding gear is essential, even if for no other reason than very few of us can be bothered to squeeze into a set of motorcycle leathers just to get something from the local grocery store. Some will always want full leather protection regardless, but there is such an impressive array of modern motorcycle riding gear available, that one-piece motorcycle suits needn't always be your first choice.

Nowadays, things like Kevlar jeans, and specially made 'shorty' boots are out there, made for a hotter climate or just popping down the shops. Many folks however will combine everyday motorcycle riding gear with, for example, with regular clothing. Motorcycle riding gear is expensive, especially quality products, and it's understandable that most riders aren't able to buy all the motorcycle riding gear they need for every situation.

Personally I use a lot of different motorcycle riding gear, I combine stuff constantly, for my commute to office, or the ride to the shops. If there's any kind of distance to travel, you'd likely see me in full leathers, otherwise my choice of everyday wear is as varied as my daily mood.

Our advice is to always keep in the back of your mind that you could crash even we you just cruising at 30 to 40km/h in your neighborhood. The little scooter from the boy on the corner didn't see you, or somebodies little poodle dog just run out of the house... A car stops without any reason... all things what happens on a daily basis in any neighborhood at any time, so be prepared. Wear some protective gear, even a denim jeans trouser will protect you more that that beach short.

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