The New Honda Goldwing Chassis and Suspension

Over the last yer Honda has filed a host of patents suggesting the next-generation Honda Goldwing will gain an unusual leading-link front suspension system, but recently we have seen a patent that shows an entirely new chassis designed to suit front link suspension.

While earlier patents around the suspension showed it fitted to a conventional-looking beam frame, this new patent reveals a radical two-part chassis that uses the monstrous flat-six engine as a key structural component.

The front section is bolted to the top of the engine and obviously designed with the radical front-end suspension system in mind, offering all the mounting points. The suspension itself is like a hybrid of a leading-link and a Hossack-style fork, with a lower wishbone that carries a single shock absorber and pivots at the frame end.
A main vertical suspension member is mounted midway along the wishbone, while a second vertical link runs from the front of the wishbone down to the leading swingarm section at the bottom.

It's a complicated design, but one that offers endless options in terms of geometry, hopefully allowing the motorcycle's designers to come up with a set-up that combines a smooth ride with accurate handling, plenty of stability, and far less dive that you'd expect from a motorcycle as hefty as the big Honda Goldwing.

The rear section of chassis, attached to the back of the engine and transmission, provides a pivot point for a single-sided swingarm encasing the usual shaft drive, and also offers brackets for the rear suspension and the seat subframe.Tag: Honda Goldwing GL1800 Link-Front-Suspension Chassis Hossack-Style Leading-Link-Style
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