The New 2011 Honda CBR150R with PGM-FI

The new 2011 Honda CBR150R is elegant, there is no other way of describing it. Too often recently Honda design has lacked that clarity of line that distinguishes a workmanlike look from true class. The new Honda CBR150R with PGM-FI has class. Apart from the cosmetic redesign, the motorcycle has gained some power. There are many other detail changes, which add up to a spectacular new Honda CBR150R.

Honda has re-designed the familiar Honda CBR150R sport engine, the new compact single-cylinder 149.4cc engine (64.5 bore with a 47.2 stroke) with PGM-FI (fuel-injection) is designed to rev hard and long. To do this the brand new and special designed Keihin throttle body and piston pins have been made shorter, con-rods and short-skirt forged pistons made lighter, camshaft profiles made more aggressive and overall operating friction has been reduced.

The new Keihin throttle body is equipped with fine atomizing injectors and fuel mapping add finesse to the new 2011 Honda CBR150R.

The racers among us should love the transmission that makes ratio changes easier – when allowed by the regulations. The clutch is well-honed after development in the old model while the dash gets a new gear and other indicators.
One of the biggest changes can be found in the exhaust system. The overall weight of the exhaust system is increased by maybe a kilo to abide the strict Thai emission rules, but the system is cleverly designed to improve mass centralization. The new exhaust system looks super cool to.

The front fork has been designed to work in conjunction with the new feel from the twin tube diamond (pentagon type) frame. At the rear, a new suspension linkage improves rider feedback. The only downside to the new Honda CBR150R is that the overall weight has increased with 20 kilogram, the modern emission rules are mainly to blame for this increase in weight.

Overall the new 2011 Honda CBR150R with PGM-FI is a very well build sporty motorcycle, and will be delivered to your showrooms shortly, Honda has produced a machine that delivers on the promise that it's a true modern motorcycle. Tag: Honda CBR150R 150cc Small-Capacity-Bike Single-Cylinder Sportsbike
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Saturday, 26 February 2011 @ 10:13 AM ICT
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