The New 2014 Lifan KP150 - 150cc Liquid-Cooled Sporty Commuter

Lifan motorcycles a manufacturer which makes nice small engine machines, the new Lifan KP150, or LF150-10B, can be seen as the next generation. Something fresh and exciting. The Lifan KP150 is a complete new product for Lifan Thailand and it looks good.

As you set eyes on it for the first time, you'd be really hard-pressed to call this motorcycle unattractive. The fuel tank and rest of body panels have an intensive treatment under a sharp scalpel and emerged completely fresh and new. The designed headlamp cowl is aggressively styled, with twin pilot lamps housed in their own chrome-ringed enclosure. The fuel tank feels large and snug, giving the impression of a much larger motorcycle, the fuel tanks capacity is 13 liters.

Side panel housing the battery and air-filter are done in silver, lending a contrasting touch to the overall package, and the Lifan KP150 sports some smooth lines.

A large analogue speedometer and digital screen which shows fuel level and other neat information take care of the instrument console. There' s also a battery indicator, gear position indicator and left ~ right direction indicator light. Considering the performance that's on offer, we really like the presents of a tachometer.

For the new KP150, Lifan have equipped the LF150-10B (as it's called inside Lifan factory) with a 150cc single-cylinder, four-stroke, liquid-cooled engine with a high compression ratio. Slot the five-speed gearbox into the first gear, release the clutch and the Lifan KP150 takes off with a smooth purr from its exhaust, which is barely audible. Noise, vibration, and harshness levels for the Lifan KP150 are excellent and there's not a hint of vibrations through the handlebar. As the revs build up, the motorcycle pull progressively gets stronger in a linear fashion.

Handling is where the proof of the pudding lies and the Lifan KP150 doesn't disappoint in that department. With a good rear monoshock and box-style swingarm at the rear, the Lifan KP150 is built to tackle our crater-filled roads with pleasure. While they are set on the softer side for comfort, there's also a convenient adjustment just in case you want to tinker around and firm it up a bit. Running up and down a stretch of twisties in a drizzle, the KP150 felt sure-footed and never acted as if it wanted to give up and call it a day.

The Lifan KP150 can be seen as a sporty commuter, and as with every commuter, its measure of success higes, in large part, upon its price – a Lifan strong point. They have set the new Lifan KP150 (LF150-10B) at 59,000 THB (recommended retail price), which is a lot of motorcycle for the money, especially considering the competition.

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