My baby is a Suzuki GSX-R750L

My GSX-R750L is coming up to four years in my care. Bought on a high-interest, hard-sell loan, I'll never sell it. Quite like the look of a cheap Suzuki TL1000R, though....

Early this year I looked at the boxes that contained the dismantled bike, drink beer, look at them, have a fag, try to assemble some bits, watch TV, assemble some more bits, lose interest, feel guilty, go back out to the garage, and finally completed the reassembling of the bike.

Now after 6 months that the Suzuki GSX-R750 is back on the road, I'm thinking of doing some work on it again. To make it handle better. I can't change physics, so I'm just going to make the best of a bad job. A front suspension rebuild would go down well - I've run out of compression and rebound adjustment, and action is spongy. It desperately needs a new rear shock for the same reasons, too.
I need to sort the valve clearances. No service history, I'd be surprised if it has seen a feeler gauge since it was brought into Thailand as an import in 1996.

I also need to find a new bottom right-hand side fairing after mine met tarmac on a rainy day. It would have to be a mint replacement, though. Also my girl keep telling me that I need to polish my exhaust system. Probably will take hours of furtive polishing behind closed doors.

Next weekend I promise I will wake up at 5am, head straight for the garage and not leave until it's finished. This has happened before. I'll remember to get dressed this time.
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