My Motorcycle Give me the Elbow

Vigorous gripping and pulling has damaged my elbow. And I'm blaming my motorcycle. You've got lateral epicondylitis, or tennis elbow, say the nice looking female doctor. As you don't play tennis I can only assume you must have done some other vigorous gripping and pulling motions with your right hand. Hang on. I don't like the sound of this. Like for instance, she continues, screwing. What? I now start to develop a red face... Lots of DIY jobs can cause tennis elbows, she goes on, but sometimes you'll never know what caused it.

I think I know. Since riding my new motorcycle, my 15 kilometer commute into work contains, on average, 16 wheelies. Or rather, there are 16 opportunities for me to yank the throttle open in first gear.
Frankly, most aren't much to write home about, and that's the problem. Instead of rising gracefully onto the back wheel, the motorcycle often defeats my feeble wheelie skills and manages to turn fearsome amount of its power into forward motion, leaving me hanging on for dear life while trying to regulate the throttle. I think this would count as a vigorous gripping and pulling motion.

Obviously I don't make this connection for two months, by which time I've had some rather painful steroid injections. The good news is that these have now cured the tennis elbow, so it would seem churlish to curtail my important machine control practice.
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