My Motorcycle Chain Snapped

Without any of the normal symptoms, and without any sound, that's how my motorcycle's chain snapped yesterday. And I was lucky, because it didn't bunch up on itself, locking up the rear wheel or destroying the engine cases. When I stopped, because I lost all power to my rear wheel, I saw I was missing my chain – which I eventually found on the side of the road a few hundred meters from where I stopped.

Never had a chain snap? Neither had I, and nor had the importer of the Japanese brand heard of a similar case (understandable). All right, it had done 17,000 kilometers, but I'd kept it lubricated and adjusted, and the motorcycle's OE chain had lasted nearly 30,000 kilometers. Now it's got a much cheaper Made in Thailand chain, so we'll see how long that lasts.
That apart, my motorcycle is approaching 40,000 kilometers with hardly a problem on its character. It's very light on consumables, and when the most recent chain was fitted, I took the opportunity to have all the brake pads replaced – the rears had been done from what I can remember nearly 19,000 kilometer earlier and hadn't felt right since, and the front were still the originals...

Tire-wise, I was very happy with the original tires that also managed 19,000 kilometers, I guess you by now know that I was not riding my sportsbike, anyway, another set of tires went on. The old tires had been squirming over road lines of late, but you can't really complain about that sort problems after doing so much kilometers.
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