My Honda CBR900RR during the Rain

I bought the Honda CBR900RR in November 2005, it's just celebrated its eleventh birthday. I always wanted a Honda CBR900RR. And now I have one I'm never going to trade it.

I not ride that much during the raining season so that is when I do repairs and work the to do list. Last year I fine tuned the carburetors, replaced fork seals, sorted out fueling and knackered shocks.

This years raining season's to do list is much bigger, I plan to change the front and rear brake discs and pads, and new fluid; front forks; indicators; and neutral light. The CBR900RR is still in top condition, with an advisory note about the brake discs, so I'll have to fit new discs and pads front and back.Unfortunately, there's a slight downside to that fantastic Maxton rear shock, it's so good it shows up the inadequacies of the forks, so having them re-valved and re-sprung has to make sense.

The Honda came with little aftermarket indicators, which as they are too small to display which way you intend to turn and look terrible, are neither useful nor ornamental. They have to go but I'm not paying 4000 Baht a pop for new Honda ones, so I'll try a breakers or buy aftermarket pattern ones, I looked a the indicator lights of some of the smaller Thai motorcycles, which maybe can be useful.

There's the other little matter of a faulty neutral light. I've been promising to sort it out ever since buying the bike but it's one of those little niggles I just haven't got round to, like ignoring the squeaky garden gate, even though you have to use it every day.

I'll have to do the brakes first, it is the most important thing, god forbid me if I need to make an emergency stop. I already have new EBC Contour discs and Double H pads so it's just a matter of pulling my fingers out, although there's a distinct possibility some of those 11-year-old bolts are perfectly happy staying right where they are. Once I've laid my hands on some indicators, fitting them will be easy. I'd love to get the forks sorted out. As for the neutral light..... It's gone this long and isn't that important... We'll see if I can find the time to do that, probably also need to study the workshop manual....

For tools I've developed a bit of a tool fetish so I'm fairly well provided for in that department. Although they could do with more spacious accommodation, a five drawer chest might be the very chap.

My other plans this raining season are, I would like to change the chain and sprockets I so I can put the final gearing back to standard. But Honda must have geared it for top speed, so I may go down one or two teeth on the front sprocket. And the shed could do with some carpet and a lick of wood preservative, which is don better after the raining season anyway....
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