My Honda CBR1000RR - Perfect Motorcycle

Some people ask me why would you buy a Honda CBR1000RR sportsbike, my answer is simple. I do like the fact that on the road, you can be reasonably lazy on a 1000cc sportsbike. Short shifting everywhere, the low and midrange grunt is plenty enough for rifling down my favorite city and other city roads without tapping away on the gear lever.

So, the big sportsbike would be for weekend blasts out of town. For track days, I don't think you'll beat a decent 600 inline-four for fun value. The revs and gear lever abuse all fall into place, and you can concentrate more on being precise with a reduced fear of highsiding that you get on bigger capacity motorcycles.

Longer trips would obviously be taken care of by a big tourer like a Honda Goldwing or BMW K1600GL. But, there's the thing, the Honda CBR1000RR does it all with ease. Short shifting or not, city or rural roads blasts are awesome. On track, it's got to be one of the easiest 1000cc motorcycle to use the throttle on, and it'll steer and change direction through hairpins as well as it will 150km/h plus right-left flicks. If there's 110km/h plus on the speedo, a couple of tanks worth of highway riding isn't a big deal either.
Okay, if you were off on a long trip you'd miss the luggage space and a bit of extra comfort and tank range of a Honda VFR1200F, but hooning along well surfaced roads (yes we have them in Thailand) or indulging with friend in a trackday or two they pay off in my world.

My next motorcycle would be a supermoto for going into town. This is where the Honda CBR1000R is clearly not the best choice, but it does everything else so well that it's entirely forgiven.
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Thursday, 23 May 2013 @ 02:33 PM ICT
The CBR600RR and the R6 (GSX-R600) are also a good choice, both can reach 270KM/h on the road and as well are cheaper on buying price and gas for the city.


Friday, 24 May 2013 @ 10:28 AM ICT
Personally i wouldn't take advice from someone who thinks that an YAMAHA R6 is a SUZUKI GSX-R600.
You mentioned 3 bikes Fred, not 2. lol