My Held Hakuna Matata Textile Suit - Excellent Motorcycle Suit

You name it, in this suit, I've ridden through it. From the hottest of days to the coldest of December nights, my Held Hakuna Matata textile suit has seen me through it all. I guess you could say it's been my breed and butter motorcycle gear over the past year-and-a-half, having clocked up just about 30,000 kilometers of wear during that time.

It's a suit I can depend on, regardless of the motorcycle I'm riding or the distance I'm traveling. All I know is that in this kit I'm going to get to my end destination comfortable and dry. And that ticks the box of a quality textile motorcycle suit for me.

But it's not just the comfort that sells this suit to me, it's practicality and style too. There's a pocket for just about everything, waterproof zipper throughout – that actually work – and an easy to remove and refit body warmer integrated into the jacket. It's also kitted with good quality CE approved body armor throughout.
The Held Hakuna Matata textile suit looks pretty funky too and you can get away with 'mix and matching' the outfit with other garments – especially the jacket. It's long tail makes it ideal for use with jeans and I particularly like how the trousers fit spaciously over boots to provide a good watertight seal. Both items are brimmed with adjusters too so you can tailor the suit to your preferred fit in an instant, so you don't have to look like a hot air balloon on the move – unless you want to!

I've had a few issues with the zips catching the inner liner material on a few occasions but, after a few minutes of frantic wrestling with a zipper, it's always come free and I've never damaged the inner liner. A small price to pay when you look at the bigger picture. I'd definitely recommend Held Hakuna textile suits (jackets and trousers) for everybody to try before you buy anything. In Bangkok Panda Rider is the official dealer for Held Hakuna (all they not have the Held Hakuna Matata suit, probably to old).
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