Motul E7 Insect Remover

Sick of heading out for a short ride, only to return home bug splattered and facing a lengthy motorcycle cleaning job or risking damage to your motorcycle's paint?

Motul have the answer with E7 Insect Remover. This spray on cleaner doesn't drip and dissolves organic grime in next-to-no time. Give it a few minutes to work and you can wipe off the mess with a soft microfiber lint-free cloth, plus it also works on bird droppings!
Motul's E7 Insect Remover is part of its External Care range which includes E1 Wash & Wax, E2 Moto Wash, E3 Wheel Clean, E4 Perfect Seat, E5 Shine & Co, E6 Chrome & Aluminum Polish and E8 Scratch Remover.
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