The Motorcycle Wash

Seeing a dirty motorcycle is like spotting an super-hot looking girl wearing a bit too much make-up – what you really want to view is what's underneath, wash it all off. After all the time you've put into making a motorcycle just right, you want to show off your baby with a shine as bright as the day it rolled off the showroom floor.

When it comes to cleaning your motorcycle, don't be tempted to head to the kitchen and grab some random spray designed to remove grease and half-eaten food stains from a counter top. Using proper cleaning products will leave your motorcycle clean, spot free, paint protected and with a lustrous shine.

There are specific products made to help ease the cleaning job while leaving the motorcycle glossy and protected. While some cleaners help remove dirt and debris, others add shine back to your surfaces. It's important to remember when cleaning your motorcycle baby that the type of towel used is just as important as the chemical. So leave the dirty dishrag or soiled sock aside and choose a lint free micro fiber cloth.
There are many automotive wax products out-there which both act as a cleaner and a wax in an aerosol can or rub-on lotion. They remove grease, tar, bugs, mildew, road grime, light scratches and even tree sap. Most of them also claim to remove oxidation and restore faded paint, but I never see this to the degree as shown on TV.

For rubber and plastic parts you need other cleaning products, again we are blessed by numerous products available, most of this cleaning products are targeted for the 4-wheeler... Still a motorcycle seat can be perfectly cleaned with products designed for cleaning a car seat. And foamy texture dashboard and plastic cleaners work wonders for cleaning the fairing of a motorcycle.

Of-course we can also contribute to the green-spirit which now-a-day seems to be important by only using cleaners that are non-corrosive and biodegradable. And even if the product you're using, is biodegradable it is probably not a good idea to clean your dirty motorcycle in the garden.

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