Motorcycle Theft Fight Back

There's nothing worse than looking at an empty space where your motorcycle used to be. Motorcycle theft is a very emotional. Fight back.

Security can be a bit a tough call sometimes. After you've bought your motorcycle and all your motorcycle gear, accessories and whatever else, you've got to spend more securing your motorcycling pride and joy. But how far do you go? Insurance companies love alarms being fitted to motorcycle.

We hate, really hate most aftermarket alarms being fitted to motorcycles. Personally, my negative feelings toward aftermarket motorcycle alarms is due to the number of times I have been stranded due to alarms going wrong and killing the motorcycle. And if finding a big bike mechanic in rural Thailand is not difficult enough try to find one who understands the electronics used by an immobilizer...
But lets not concentrate on the horror stories I can tell about aftermarket motorcycle alarms...

First, we're not saying alarms are bad or useless, the new ones with tracking facilities can be a godsend. But an alarm won't stop anyone from taking your motorcycle away in the first place – only hard security can do that, giving you some piece of mind.

Security also depends on where you live. Do you have a garage, or not? Does your motorcycle live under a cover on the street, or on your driveway, or in the parking of your condominium? We've seen burglaries where thieves have moved heaven and earth to get a motorcycle previously thought safe. The only way you can be sure you've done everything to deter this, lies on hard steel and trusting nobody, which includes building security cameras and officers.
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