Motorcycle Modifying - Do It Correct

Slapping on a bunch of random aftermarket parts will likely leave your motorcycle handling and looking worse than before you started.

A basic rule of thumb is to avoid combining 'bling' items with performance parts. On a limited budget it typically results in a mishmash machine. Instead, pick a theme and stick to it.

A good way to start modding you motorcycle is by upgrading the parts that are likely worn out anyway, think braking system (master cylinder, lines, rotors and pads, exhaust and rear shocks. Then you con expand the modifications list as you budget permits.

A chronic problem with older motorcycles is that many ancillary items like clip-ons and rearsets show severe signs of age. With their deteriorated appearance comes hindered performance, and as a solution for both issues a set of fully adjustable modern rearset can do the trick.
It's hard to find a older motorcycle without an aftermarket pipe, and probably yours is no exception. Though not adding the significant amount of power needed to even the field with newer machine in the same class. A full exhaust system can improve looks and sound and reduce weight dramatically.

Just because it's a dated motorcycle doesn't mean you gonna have to stick to time period tires for it. Good tires makes a huge improvement in grip and confidence. Your tires indicate what sort of rider you are, and Pirelli Diablo Corsa's are surely the best if you like speed...
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