Motorcycle Lubricants what to select

All Motorcycle engines require different oils a 4-stroke engine needs different oil then a two-stroke, The 2-stroke engine needs oil mixed with the petrol (gasoline) before combustion. In case of a 4-stroke engine the oil is just used to lubricate the engine. Make sure that you are using the right oil, the wrong type of oil can cause serious damage to your motorcycle engine.

Consider using non-synthetic oil for the break-in period according to the owners manual, the break-in period is the first 1000 kilometers. In normal situations there is no need to replace the factory oil. During the break-in period, riding at no more than 80% of top speed is highly recommended.

In addition to this, many mechanics suggest that during the break-in period owners should use non-synthetic oil, and then switch to synthetic after the break-in period is over.
Some mechanics feel that doing so will cause the engine to last longer and perform better over time. Buy the most expensive high-performance fully synthetic oil you can afford - you get what you pay for, and this is particularly true with motorcycle oils.

If you want to protect your investment, then don't skimp on your motorcycle lubrication fluids. Pay for the good stuff. Among the best are Castrol TT fully synthetic, Shell Advance motorcycle lubricants and there are probably a few more.

Be forewarned though, none of these motorcycle oils are cheap, and they are sometimes hard to find, asking for Castrol TT or Shell motorcycle oils at a Mobile gasoline station is highly futile.

Also worth checking out are lubricants of Lucas Oil which has a range for custom bikes lubricants on offer.

Choose an oil and stick with it, the best oil to use by far is fully-synthetic. You can still use synthetic oil if you want but insist on the best if you care about the longevity of your engine. It's also advisable to stick to one type of oil be it synthetic of fully synthetic for as long as you own your scooter. Doing so will reduce the risk of any engine problems later on. Hence mixing different types of oil is not advisable. Tag: Lubricants Oil Engine-Lubrication Motor-Oil Shell Castrol Motul Synthetic-Oil Lucas-Oil Full-Synthetic
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