Motorcycle Loading Ramp

For things with a engine, Thailand is will known for two products around the world, the first is the amount of small motorcycles the second is the quantity of pickup trucks you see, it sometimes looks like everybody has a pickup truck.

Small engine motorcycles or scooters are great for transport in the cities, but are not that comfortable doing intercity travel.

So why not load the motorcycle in the back of the pickup truck, true but even if a small motorcycle doesn't weight as much as there big brothers, they still can be an uncomfortable load to get in the back of the pickup truck.

With two motorcycles in the back, driving upcountry on a highway, which seems endless to European standards.
You know why the invented the pickup truck, if we ever really find out who did invented the pickup truck I bet it was also a biker.

So, to do this you need to get the bike from the ground into the bed of the truck and this is why we have friends or a sawmill, except that friends are not always around and good old planks doesn't work real well with a bit higher pickup truck.

For those of us who like to do things easy, you can always buy a state of the art aluminum load ramp. Best once are the load ramps fabricated from aircraft-grade aluminum that is TIG welded together; things like that weight only around 25 kilo.

If you going to buy a ramp, be sure that the ramp has non-skid diamond plate pattern and features two support legs, which are adjustable to a variable height position. Tag: Loading-Ramp Transport Loading Parts
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