Motorcycle Gloves - Very Important

After a crash helmet, gloves are arguably the next important item of protective clothing. Most people's natural reaction to a tumble is the reach out with their hands to break the fall.

First things to recommend is buying two pairs of motorcycle gloves. It may seem extravagant, but remember you can only wear one pair at a time, so two pairs bought together will last as long as two pairs bought a year or so apart. The reason again for this is comfort.

We all know how horrible it is to put on a pair of wet gloves, so having a dry option – even if only for an hour or so – has got to be nicer. Secondly, if you can afford to include a pair of dry season and raining season gloves in your budget, then you'll really appreciate them on a hot sweaty day waiting for traffic light in downtown Bangkok. A good pair offer cooling mesh panels with no waterproof lining, yet don't compromise on protection either

Style and Size

Always try motorcycle gloves on with your riding jacket so you know how the cuffs and sleeves go together. Some will go over, others tuck in, some may simply be wrong for your jacket.

Check the lining; is it attached, so when your hands are wet it doesn't pull out? The McFit system used by Revit gets good reviews for staying in place.

If you buy motorcycle gloves for the raining season check if they not to warm for Thailand, as many waterproof motorcycle gloves are intended to be worn in Fall and Winter. The more expensive motorcycle gloves tend to use things like Gore-Tex to keep the rain out and membranes like Thinsulate to keep rain and sweat out. Cheaper motorcycle gloves use more basic plastic layers which can result in sweaty hands.


Most specific motorcycle gloves do offer some protection, the level depending on brand and spend. As a rule, fashion gloves tend to offer less protection – even if they are leather – so do consider being able to still use your hands after a fall from your motorcycle, over looking cool in a pair shinny plastic toy gloves. Armored knuckles are designed to protect in a crash, and reinforced palms with double stitching is essential for keeping them together if going tarmac surfing. Motorcycle gloves with two fastenings, like separate Velcro straps, will stay on better in a crash.
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