Motorcycle Garments and the Seasons

It has been said that Thailand lacks four seasons; however, at the right time of the year, we can enjoy a Vivaldi experience on a single ride. Wide swings of temperature and humidity can be found on a route that includes the coast, rural Northeast, and the mountain regions. Leather has its own appeal and adaptability, certainly, but modern textile clothing is difficult to surpass when it comes to acclimatization of the fly.

Some motorcycle garment manufacturers offer three layers of adjustability, mostly jackets with zipper-vented Cordura shell, with one or two removable liners – one waterproof, the other Thermolite insulated – which can be used in concert, or separately, as conditions dictate. The liners are secured by zippers or snaps with the help of hook-and-loop tabs, and swapping them is easy.
Custom fitting at the wrists, neck and waist is essential and it ensures that the garment is comfortable no matter how it is configured – nothing binds or billows. When looking for a motorcycle jacket you also want to look at the pockets, pockets need to plentiful, including a pocket for your mobile phone on both the insulated liner and the shell.

I purchased a jacket from Olympia Moto Sport some time back and wore this jacket on days with temperatures swinging from just above 7c degree to 35c degrees. Zipping out the Thermolite liner once the thermometer hit the 16c degree, then opening vents as needed to keep the air flowing, accomplished my goals. The jacket works also flawless with the wet weather of the raining season thanks to a removable waterproof liner.

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