Motorcycle Footwear for Protection

Slippers, sports shoes and normal casual shoes offer no protection in case of an accident, while steel-cap work boots are not recommended either, as they compromise pedal feel, and can also crush toes in a serious impact. Proper motorcycle boots or shoes should be worn every time you ride.

Purpose-built motorcycle footwear, like boots or shoes, offer specific protection to ankles, heels and toes – the main impact areas in an accident – while still offering flexibility and feel for the footpegs and pedal operation.
You shoe size usually translates to the same size in riding boots, but trying on different sizes at your motorcycle gear shop is essential. Consider which boots or shoes are the best and most comfortable for your riding, too.

Don't forget calf and shin comfort, as it's recommended you ride with your riding pants inside the boots. A tight fit around the calves on full-size motorcycle boots will be even tighter with pants tucked in.
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