Motorcycle Brake Servicing

When your brake pads start to lose a little bite, or make some noise, it's often time for brake servicing, we will tell a trick to breathe new life into your brake pads.

Check that the brake pads are still within serviceable limits and the brake fluid levels are okay. Check disc rotors for abnormal wear and grooving. If any is evident, the rotor can often be machined rather than replaced.

Remove the disc caliper from the motorcycle, if necessary, and remove the brake pads from the caliper. Check the surface of the pad for any abnormal wear or glazing and run your finger around the edge to identify ridges that can often build up over time.

Put a piece of light wet-and-dry paper on a hard surface and move the pad evenly back and forth to remove glazing. Be careful to hold the brake pad very flat so as not to create an uneven finish. Run the wet-and-dry paper softly around the edge of the brake pad material to remove any high points and rough sections. Make sure that you don't create a taper that will reduce your pad contact area.
Thoroughly clean out the caliper with a brake cleaning solvent. You may need to give it a couple of applications to remove all of the brake dust and road grime. Refit the brake pads into the caliper using a light smear of grease on the pin.

Make sure you correctly locate the clips to hold the pin in place. Reinstall the caliper on the motorcycle then thoroughly clean the disc rotor with brake cleaning fluid. Give the wheel a few good spins and check that the brake is working correctly before heading out on a test ride.
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