MotoGP Tire Pressure the Next Big Thing

Tire pressure has become a big deal in MotoGP racing. The single tire rule has had many effects in MotoGP and not always those intended. The pre-season test races are anything but the close race the one-tire-for-everyone rule was supposed to promote. One-tire-for-all has made it especially tough for the slower riders who now have to try and get some grip out of tires essentially designed for Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner and the like.

Thus riders have no use other set-up details to adapt the Bridgestone tires to their own styles; which is why tire pressure has become the new big deal in MotoGP racing.
Most MotoGP teams have now installed tire pressure sensors. More people are playing with pressures, because of the single tire rule. Tire pressure can make a big difference for warm-up, for profile and so on. Before most MotoGP teams used to check tire pressure when we came into the pit, but if you did a slow in-lap, you've lost the reading, so the tire sensors are a big help.
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