MotoGP 15 for Playstation 4

Like many sports video games, the MotoGP franchise has a long history, stretching right back to the start of the 2000s. But this was my first time, using a Sony Playstation 4, so I was keen to test out how good and realistic the experience could be.

I started out with campaign mode, which sees you riding as a privateer in Moto3. My strategy was to start off nice and easy, then hopefully build my skills up. Unfortunately, things didn't quite go to plan.

Let just me say, this game is hard, especially for somebody unfamiliar to the Playstation controls. Not that this is a bad thing. The gaming engine is so realistic that even on the most basic setting I still found myself ending up in the gravel quite often. My challenge was to ride smoother, hit the pack of AI players. By doing so I could get better results, earn sponsorship, buy superior gear and move up the ranks. It's all very addictive.

He graphics are amazing – next-gen consoles really put you in the rider's seat. And that sweet sound of two-stroke motorcycles pinning it around the track in historic racing mode really made me want to take my virtual Honda NSR260 out for a spin.

The Beat the Time and Real Events modes have the ability to amuse you for hours. But ultimately it's about multiplayer: I expect Marc Marquez to beat me; I don't expect a teenager with zero real motorcycle riding experience tp smash me every race. That – and a major dose of competitiveness – kept me coming back for more.

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