Moto2 - Warokorn Finished the Grand Prix Germany Better Than He Started

The AP Honda PTT The Pizza SAG Team rider was able to turn the situation 180 degrees at the Gran Prix of Germany, which started with the wrong foot but could come back to the usual progression line during the race.

Thitipong Warokorn faced the Moto2 Sachsenring race since the 28th position of the grid repeating a great start that helped him to win positions at the beginning of the first lap. Anyway, Tingnote keeps failing in the first lap task because as soon as he got in the first corner his rivals overtake him again. With that, Warokorn saw himself in the last position after the end of the 4th lap but it was then when he started to perform a lap pace that reduced the 3 seconds distance with his front opponents. When he reached them Warokorn found the other race task where he fails, to overtake maintaining his rhythm, which he was able to perform at the 25th lap of the race. In 4 laps Warokorn climbed 3 positions to end up 22nd the race disputed in Sachsenring.

22.Thitipong Warokorn

AP Honda PTT THE PIZZA SAG TEAM // KALEX), 42’06.744
“Today we progressed again from the last year result, so I end up with good feelings the first half of the season. The beginning of the race was complicated and I saw myself quite far from my opponents at the end of the 4th lap. I got a good lap pace with which I reduced the 3 seconds distance I had between them, but I didn’t overtake them quickly. Anyway I’ve finished 22nd and 57 seconds behind the first, we are progressing and I hope in Indianapolis we can keep in this line.”
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