Modifying a Yamaha Fino Scooter

If we look at the basics of the Yamaha Fino, it is a 115cc 4-stroke SOHC, 2 Valve, Air Cooled engine. And officially the engine is a 113.5cc engine (but guess 114cc Fino did not sounded cool enough for Yamaha marketing).

We always start our tuning / modifying with a simple study of the motorcycle, in case of the Fino, the engine is a regular visitor to our modifying shop all is this the first Yamaha Fino, the also very popular Yamaha Nouvo uses the same engine.

After we had a quick look at what the Fino is made off, we decided to not overdo ourself, as this Yamaha Fino will be mostly used by family members and collages, we surely did not wanted to forget the safety futures.

The Yamaha Fino uses a Mikumi BS25 x 1 carburetor, or Carb for the Americans, some will suggest to replace the carburetor with a more sporty one. But as we have maybe a bit more know-how, we know that the Mikumi BS25x1 carburetor can be found in much larger bikes then this 115cc Yamaha Fino scooter.
Which tells us, the carburetor can do more then this little scooter can handle. But for the people who have a spare Mikumi VM26 carburetor lying around you will see increased horsepower and performance, you need to adjust the breather tube, and throttle cable.

I'm always open for idea's and in Thailand, people always like to talk about what they think, what not get me wrong is a great thing. In our tea break one elderly men who visits sometimes suggested that all the new bikes have electronic limiters which prevent a engine to go high then a predefined amount of rpm.

All this is to some level true in bikes found in Europe, it is normally manufacturer don't care that you shorten the lifespan of your motorcycle, because in fact that is what we do. With more power we stress the frame, rear suspension and not forget if no racing clutch is available you likely have to replace the clutch with a 2 months interval. The Yamaha Fino comes with a Automatic Reinforced Clutch, which with a bit more power will do just fine.

In basic most motorcycle manufacturers limit the power of there bikes with limiting the breathing of the bike. You have to think of running, full out, around the block with with your hand covering your month and limiting the air-in-take of your nose.

For the Yamaha Fino, the best increased low-cost performance you get if you tweak the air-filter, and look at the exhaust pipe, we used some copper pipe (aluminum will also be great) from the shop on the corner (as you not see much of the exhaust pipe it hasn't look perfect. For the people we would like to step a bit deeper in the rabbit hole, you can experiment with different (larger) needles in your carburetor. We got the est performance by simply tuning the carburetor by hand, this is a time consuming job, but in the end it is just worth it.

For die-hards you can get into the engine and replace the camshaft with a costume made hyper camshaft, which surely adds torque and horsepower to the little Yamaha Fino.

For modifying the looks of the Yamaha Fino, everybody has its own idea of what looks great. And for the Yamaha Fino you can walk to any motorcycle shop and and fill-up the back of your pickup truck with accessories.

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Thursday, 04 December 2008 @ 09:46 AM ICT
If we replace the camshaft with a costume made hyper camshaft like you said, the best result is surely adds torque and horsepower to the engine. But there is any negative effect to the engine?


Wednesday, 30 September 2009 @ 03:45 AM ICT
this post maybe a year later but how do use the stock mikumi and tweak it to go faster? faster means going over 120km/h?
if there is a way to not mess up the engine and only by tweaking the stock do i do it and what do i do..cos i still dont get it Smile PLEASE reply if there is a chance