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Most MotoGP riders were shocked by the difference in tire performance between the Bridgestone and the 2016 season new Michelin tires. Even before the introduction of the control-tire system in 2009, most MotoGP riders had already become accustomed to the Bridgestone front’s astonishing grip.

The switch to Michelin – which means a worse front but a better rear tire – may require a major adjustment in riding technique.

Valentino Rossi said ‘The front tire is the big difference, so we need to understand how much load to put into it to turn the motorcycle at the maximum.’ ‘It changes a lot and we are starting again from zero.’ Again, in theory, Valentino Rossi may profit more than others from this change. He rode his first eight seasons in the big class using Michelin tires and he says the front tire’s DNA remains essentially un-changed, so all he need do is delve into his memory banks and remember how to get the best out of a Michelin front tire.
All this guesswork, of course. Riders like Marquez have an almost superhuman ability to adapt. During the soaking 2013 French Grand Prix – Marquez’s first in the rain – it took him just eight laps before he was faster than anyone else. So, however, good or bad it’s looking for Valentino Rossi, next season will be as tough as any he has already raced.Tag: Michelin Tires MotoGP Control-Tires Valentino Rossi Yamaha Grand-Prix 2016
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