The Mbike Jaf 60T-7 a 60cc Scooter with ABS

The Mbike Jaf 60T-7 is an amazing little scooter. If you are looking for a scooter that is easy to ride, a scooter which is safe to ride, then the Mbike Jaf 60T-7 is the obvious choice. The scooter has some interesting styling cues that make it stand apart. However, what really makes the Mbike Jaf 60T-7 unique is its anti-lock braking system (ABS).

The Mbike Jaf 60T-7 scooter is powered by a 60cc four-stroke, air-cooled engine with a traditional constant variable transmission (CVT) system that does its duty very well. The 60cc (47mm bore x 41.5 mm stroke) engine feels silky smooth to rev and the power and torque feel is pretty good considering the engine is just 60cc. The engine can be started by kick-starter or by electric-starter.

The 10 inch wheels with 3.5inch wide tires gives the Mbike Jaf 60T-7 scooter good stability and road holding capabilities. The road handling combined with the ABS brake-system makes this scooter excellent for riding around your neighborhood (Moobaan). The saddle is also comfortable for two average sized adults. Although the legroom is ample, we found the riding position to be a little bit of a concern for tall riders as the handlebar can come in contact with the rider’s knee when negotiating U-turns.
Although the Mbike Jaf 60T-7 comes with a conventional underseat 5-liter fuel tank, the storage space is enough compared to the size of the scooter. The dimensions of the scoot are 1,700mm length, 635mm width and 1,085mm height – with a wheelbase of 1,220mm. It weighs 90 kilogram with fuel.

I'm not usually a scooter sort of person myself, I prefer motorcycles with traditional lines. But, having said that, I did really enjoyed the little Mbike Jaf 60T-7. The scooter was very practical for nipping around my neighborhood and going to our shopping center, as any other scooter I could name, but it was also very easy to ride and the ABS is excellent (how many times do we ride around our neighborhood balancing with something like groceries in the left hand while riding with the right hand).
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