The MT Blade Motorcycle Helmet - Good Quality Good Price

The MT Blade motorcycle helmet new available in Thailand from Spanish company MT Helmets seems to be really good value for the 4300 THB price. I've tried a lot of polycarbonate motorcycle helmets that look good, but often the lining, visor or strap lets it down. Not so the MT Blade, which has a round head shape with no pinch points for me, and a lining that betters some helmets twice its price and is removable for washing.

The strap is a quick-release microbuckle, which is becoming more popular. The visor apertune is wide, and the visor itself can be removed very quickly. It is also sprung so that as the visor shuts the mechanism pulls the visor in, giving a tight seal. It has a Pinlock Max Vision visor insert to prevent misting.
I've used the MT Blade helmet on a number of rides on naked-bike and faired motorcycles, and found it to be average for noise but good with buffeting. Weighing 1500 grams, it's not too heavy for all-day use either. On the English Sharp safety rating tests it scored three out of five. The vents on the top don't shift a lot of air, but the chin vent works well. The drop-down visor is excellent too – just the right amount of tint, and it comes down a long way.

Whether the MT Blade motorcycle helmet will last as long as a more expensive motorcycle helmet only time will tell, but the signs are good so far. It's a comfy, well-priced motorcycle helmet that has an air of quality.Tag: MT-Helmets Helmet Blade Spanish Gear Safety Polycarbonate
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Sunday, 20 December 2015 @ 11:57 AM ICT
Would be good to know the retail outlets in Thailand!!