Low Quality Bolts and Nuts

If you ride all year round, or do a lot of work on your bike, then no doubt you get as frustrated as us by the crap quality of some standard fasteners. We know that manufacturers have no manage costs, but sometimes, they really take the piss.

The minute the clocks go back, every steel fastener on your bike turns orange. By the first rain season, half the brackets are so rusty that a stuff breeze threatens to reduce them to dust. And you only have to pass within few kilometers of the seashore to get some salty sea breeze for all the alloy bits to fur up.

It's even worse should you dare wave a spanner at something. The second you flick open your toolbox, every nut and Allen bolt instantly rounds off.Should they survive long enough for the application of a spanner, you'll find that they were torqued up by a psycho robot to powers humanly not possible.

No manufacturer is guilt free. We'd rather spend a bit more money on a bike built to last than going cheap on one that crumbles when the sky clouds over. I feel really feel sorry for bikers living near the coastline, they probably can see the bike fade away. Lucky we now-a-day can buy stainless steel or even titanium nuts and bolts.

I cannot say it more clearly, we wish for higher quality, more furry nuts and bolts on our well paid motorcycles.
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Tuesday, 22 July 2008 @ 07:22 PM ICT
I agree totally about the quality of bolts and tools. Crank case bolts snapped off during a recent rebuild of my Honda NSR 150 SP. This was during disassembly so the factory must have over torqued the bolts.8mm steel bolts in alloy are a recipe for disaster when it is usually 4 or 5 years before crank cases need to be split and there is some electrolisis between disimilar metals Alumimium and steel. However, I saw no evidence of corrosion so overtensioning on assembly line must be the cause. There have been complaints about the quality of this Thai built Honda. I wouldn't be surprised if QC is not up to Japanese standards. Two Chinese made spanners and one socket snapped. A set of good quality tools may be five times the price but last 10 times longer than cheap tools.