Looking for Motorcycle Riding Gloves

Gloves are an important part of your riding apparel for both comfort and safety. Still you not read much about this essential part of your riding outfit. Here are a few things yo consider when you head out shopping for your next pair of motorcycle gloves.

You first consideration is what application the motorcycle gloves will be used for, on-road or off-road, as there are several differences between the two styles of gloves.

When sizing your gloves, stat by trying a pair that approximately matches your shoe size, ie, if you wear size 11 shoes try size 11 gloves.

The glove should pull on reasonable easily. If it requires excessive force to pull over your hand it is likely to be too small and may restrict movement and maybe even blood circulation.

Be careful not to go too large, either. If the glove bunches up around the palm and the fingers are too long it will affect grip and slip around on your hand.
Well fitted, the glove should have fingers close to the ends, no bunching at the palm, and not be overly restrictive. They do stretch over time so go a snug fit at first.

Construction materials are textile or leather. Textiles tend to breathe better, keeping you cooler. Leather generally offers better crash protection.

Summer riding gloves go the other way and utilize venting and thinner construction materials to allow for heat dissipation and air circulation.

Padding and knuckle protection vary. If you are happy to spend a little more you get Kevlar stitching, carbon-fiber knuckles, palm protection and the like.

Thicker gloves for the colder season provide additional warmth. Liners and Gore-Tex style inserts offer wind resistance and rain protection through a waterproof membrane.

We tend to ride in different conditions, so a range of motorcycle gloves is the only realistic option. No one glove covers all applications. Good thing they make great birthday gifts....

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