Looking Back on the Bangkok Motorshow 2010

Correct me if I'm wrong, but you don't have to think much about the latest Bangkok MotorShow, do you? If you went, you saw what was to be seen and are either happy or not; if you didn't, you don't care what was there because most big bike on show aren't available in Thailand anyway, and which will be available are in the shops by now.

This is one of the problems with running motorcycle shows in Thailand. Motorcycle manufacturers do not take the Thai motorcycle market serious enough. Second we never get to see anything like a concept motorcycle, sure Honda and Suzuki had a cub-style concept motorcycle, but we seen them earlier on other motorcycle shows.

So there isn't much that is unique and most motorcycles displayed will not be soon available on the market, therefore there isn't really anything much for us to write about here that would interest you. You can just duck down to the nearest motorcycle shop and get the same information you were told at the Bangkok Motorshow 2010.
That's not to say that it wasn't worth going to see them. What you do got at the Bangkok Motorshow was pretty comprehensive look at just about all the machines, accessories and other stuff that's available in Thailand. The other good thing is that you get to meet people. Even on the stands of the major importers, which are mainly staffed by students who want to earn some extra income, you can often find someone from head office to answer the more difficult questions that the most other staff can't.

On the smaller stands we meet the people who actually run the businesses, and we had talks about things that actually interested us. Most motorcycle-show-guru's enjoy their visit and some of them enjoy it a great deal. We must have seen the public day we went 1000 or more children (and good amount of adults) who were able to stock up all sorts of goodies, from key-hangers to stickers. Seriously, though, one major advantage for us was having a chance to char with other motorcycle enthusiasts in Thailand.
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Tuesday, 27 April 2010 @ 06:50 PM ICT
The Bangkok Motor Show did really suck for bikes this year!