Lithium Motorcycle Batteries - Save more than 2 kilogram

<Ok, a battery is a battery, and how can a battery be such a big deal? Well, for starters, you have to pick one of these babies up; yes, light like you can't believe! (830 grams for a Suzuki GSX-R1000) On most sportsbikes, the weight reduction is easily 2.4 kilograms and often more, depending on the specific battery you choose. These are high-placed and handling-effecting kilograms, we might add. Yet while lightweight lithium batteries are nothing new, only recently have they become ready for prime time. Early versions could not be charged by the motorcycle's charging system, were made from less stable concoctions of lithium, packaged poorly and, worst of all, semi-explosive.

Now, companies like Shorai and Super B have better packaging, internal circuitry and safe and stable lithium blends that produce plenty of power to crank over your starter and run your lights – all with a longer expected life span and a much better resistance to discharging when not in use. All this at a cost that is only 30 to 100 percent higher priced than a standard lead-acid battery. You cannot lose weight any cheaper than this even at the higher price levels.
Are there any drawbacks? Sure, lithium ion batteries don't like to be stored in a discharged state and will not work with chargers that have desulfate cycles (or poorly regulated motorcycle charging systems) since they cannot withstand charging over 14.4 volts. Yet with so many sportsbike owners hungry for more weight-loss, this is an easy aftermarket choice for your motorcycle. The only real downside is that Shorai has currently no distributor in Thailand, therefore Japan is the nearest place to place your order.Tag: Battery Lithium Suzuki GSX-R1000 Shorai Super B Sportbike Charging Handling
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