Listening to Music while riding Motorcycle

Listening to music while riding a motorcycle is next to impossible using the cheap 'earbuds' that come with many pocket-sized MP3 players and MP3 capable telephones. Beyond parking-lot speeds, even when wearing a good quality full-face helmet, wind roar drowns out volume levels that would be deafening in a quiet off-motorcycle environment.

On the highway, discerning the difference between U2, Madonna or The Police (popular British band from my age) is a lost cause. What's a motorcycle-riding music lover have to do?
I found my solution at Klong Toy market in Bangkok, a shop who sells a wide range of headphones and earbuds had a few different sets of custom-molded noise-protection and stereo earbuds, several of which are aimed at motorcyclists. About the size of the tip of my thumb the stereo earbuds I selected fitted perfectly into my ear, with a hard acrylic outer shell, good quality sound, and a 1.5 meter cable that ends with a standard 3.5mm plug.

The fit of my new stereo earbuds is perfect, I know fit is subjective, of course but in my experience, my new Chinese made stereo earbuds which, cost an impressive 500 THB, are so comfortable they can be worn for hours at a stretch. Sound quality is equally impressive, though wind noise creeps past at higher speeds. But than riding very high speeds you probably should not listen to music anyway.
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Anonymous User

Wednesday, 29 June 2011 @ 01:55 AM ICT
may be you should mention manifacturer and a model of earbuds?

and a little clue: therŅƒ is a silicone earplugs out in the pharmacies, that fits over the ear channel, those can be used in conjuction with earbuds so that you'll get mentioned "custom fit" so get much more improvement in noise isolation for any type of cheap (or even expensive earbuds.) just plug your earbuds and seal it with silicone earplug and you'll get rid of unwanted moise