Lightweight Wheels Worth Buying?

Some motorcycle owner asked me are lightweight wheels worth buying. A few years back I fitted a set of lighter BST carbon-fiber rims to my Ducati 1098. I was very impressed about the lighter wheels, and would recommend them to anybody who can afford them, especially if the motorcycle has heavier cast items like the Ducati Multistrada from the person who asked about lightweight wheels.

I have used lightweight wheels over the past 10 years, and have never been disappointed by the performance they deliver. Whether you’re on road or racetrack, the significant reduction in unsprung mass dangling at the end of your fork and swingarm is revelatory.

There’s less mass to accelerate less rotational energy to decelerate, and because of the lower mass there’s also less gyroscopic effect trying to hold the wheels upright and one their preferred axis – all adding up to a transformation in not only your motorcycle’s handling, but also its braking and acceleration performance.

They are durable, too, I can say that I never had any problem with them despite year-round use and I reckon that they weather better than stock wheels. Also I changed multiple sets of tires and never had problems with the rims either. They only downside is the cost of carbon-fiber wheels.

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