The Lifan LF250GY-2 - Cossack 250 - Scrambler Bike

The Lifan Cossack 250 - LF250GY-2, is styled like a scrambler with a fresh take on the classic design. The Lifan Cossack 250 was first shown as a concept at the beginning of 2011 and was the cause of much discussions, so the pretty Lifan Cossack 250 will make it onto the Thai market very soon as we understand it.

The Lifan Cossack is powered by a 249.7cc, air-cooled - there's also an oil-cooler to keep engine temperature in check - single-cylinder, four-stroke, engine – the Lifan engine is a low-revving, with a relative big bore of 73mm and 59.5mm stroke which gives the Lifan LF250GY-2 a 60’s effect what redefines a scrambler off-road machine. The engine doesn't vibrate as much as you would expect, the 250 vibrates at some rpm near idle – but not a bone shaker - the 73mm diameter piston produces a deep exhaust note – not much people would tell that it's a 250cc.

Lifan has created a whole new gearbox for the LF250GY-2, the 6-speed constant-mesh gearbox with a manual multiple plate wet clutch. Lifan is easily started by the electric starter, just turn the ignition key and hit the starter.

Brakes, cornering clearance, handling and road manners in general are all top notch for the Lifan LF250GY-2 and it all complements to relaxed way it rides. Mirrors, controls and switches also get our approval, the completely fit into the style. The overall geometry of the LF250GY-2 is relaxed, with a 1340mm wheel base. A monoshock rear shock has all the adjustability you could want, with a regular forks as front suspension. The spoked wheels and tires are of excellent quality.

The final word about the Lifan Cossack 250 – LF250GY-2 is that it's a stylish, well finished, feel good, good value, hit the streets of Thailand motorcycle. With it's cost price of less than 100,000 THB and 3-year unlimited kilometer warranty you're sure it will be a popular motorcycle in Thailand. The official price of the Lifan LF250GY-2 is still not officially announced but it would likely be a good amount lower than 100,000 THB

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Monday, 15 May 2017 @ 02:01 PM ICT
hi do you have an updated review of this bike? am thinking of purchasing it please


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