The Latest Triumph Bonneville Series Motorcycles

Triumph's tried and trusted Bonny gets has some new features and accessories for this years model. It's always difficult to improve on something as successful as the Triumph Bonneville. Triumph has pulled it off for the latest model by extending their range to cover a wider range of rider needs, both in machinery and practical options.

While abroad we where able to sample the new Triumph Bonneville range over a few days and give or take 400 kilometers and the ability to swap models provided an excellent opportunity for comparison.

The biggest change for the standard Triumph Bonny is the introduction of 17 inch cast wheels, a narrower and lower seat, shorter guards and up-swept conical mufflers. It's true '70s styling and the difference the 17 inch front wheel makes to the handling is quite noticeable. This will be a hard motorcycle to catch on a twisty road or downtown Bangkok. The model looks great in black and retails for a recommended retail of 510,000 Baht.
The Bonneville SE version of the 17 inch wheel model features a matching speedo/tacho, polished allow engine covers, the old chunky Triumph badge, has the option of two tone paint, but also has a higher retail price.

The new Triumph Bonneville T100 retains the traditional spoke wheels and the seat height is a little higher at 775mm. It features peashooter mufflers, polished engine cases, the chunky tank badge, matching speedo/tacho, tank/knee pads and also has optional two-tone paint. This Motorcycle Thailand recommended model retails for 580,000 Baht.

Swapping between the models showed that there wasn't a great deal of difference in the performance of the latest, fuel injected Triumph Bonneville engine and the brand new braking system. All Triumph's performed well, with the most noticeable difference between the spoke and cast wheel models being the handling. The spoke wheel models are no slouches so you can imagine how agile the 17 inch wheel makes the Bonneville.

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