LED Lights for Motorcycles

LED light are relatively new in the motorcycle lighting world. You can get them as aftermarket items for indicators and rear/brake lights. The advantages are they're much brighter, they last for years (no more blown bulbs), they use less energy and interestingly, they light up a fraction of a second faster than conventional lights bulbs.

A fraction of a second faster light sounds irrelevant but at 115km/h it can make a significant difference to the stopping distance of a vehicle behind you – 3 meters or more – which could be the difference between being run over by a car behind you or getting away with it without a scratch.
LED lights on your motorcycle also look good – they're clear until they light up so can give that 'bright' appearance to your indicators or rear lights. They also more safe, if one LED dies for some reason you still have several more who will keep working.

If you thinking to get LED lights for your motorcycle you should know that some cheap indicators will need a resistor wiring in as well otherwise they'll flast too fast. I have see LED indicator lights flash so fast that at the evening from 10 meters they looked like not flashing. If you're going to install some LED lights on your motorcycle we'd recommend getting them from a shop that has experience with installing them on a motorcycle.
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