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Kriega gear was something that was always on my wish list. Recently I discovered that Kriega has a distributor/dealer in Thailand. Their list of accessories includes a amazing amount of premium quality luggage.

For some time now I’ve been using the Kriega R25 backpack, and it is by far the best backpack that I have ever used while on a motorcycle.

What do I like about it? The fit is immaculate. You have to adjust the straps only once, and they never slide out and become loose. The Quad Lock harness gives you a secure fit and avoids putting pressure on your shoulders. The straps also don’t get in your way when you’re moving around on the motorcycle. Once you’ve got it on, you won’t feel you’re wearing it, unlike almost all the other backpacks I’ve tried. The closure system is also easy to use and can be easily operated with gloves on.

The Kriega R25 backpack gives you 25 liters of storage in two compartments – a large main compartment and a small front compartment. The main compartment also has a notebook sleeve that can hold your notebook or hydration pack, the tube for which comes out at the top of the bag. The bag gets lots of reflective surfaces at the front and back which I like. The Kriega R25 backpack isn’t waterproof, so keep that in mind, I use a dry-bag inside and that protects all my stuff through the rain.

The Kriega R25 is also compatible with a lot of other storage systems that Kriega offers. The most vital among them are the harness pocket and a Velcro kit for the drink tube. Since there are no pockets on the shoulder or the waist straps, it can be quite a hassle to take off the bag every time to gain access to your wallet or paperwork. The harness pocket solves this problem. And since there is no direct mounting point for the drink tube, having a R25 Velcro can help you secure the drink tube within reach. Unfortunately I’m not sure the Thai distributor/dealer has them on stock.

The big question, however, is whether the Kriega R25 backpack is worth the money. It’s not cheap (4,900 THB), but for the price you get good storage and best-in-class comfort. I don’t regret spending the money for it.

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