Khao Yai National Park Want Bikers to Stop Noise Polution

Motorcycle enthusiasts will sit down with senior Khao Yai National Park officials tomorrow to discuss ways to prevent loud engines from disturbing wild animals. Animals that frequent the park - part of a World Heritage site - are reportedly upset by loud vehicles.

In recent years, tourists have had dangerous encounters with elephants at Khao Yai. Early this year, an elephant attacked a car with children inside and many similar incidents have been reported.

Last Sunday, a motorcyclist found himself surrounded by large elephants in the national park,and needed help. Given that the park is popular with motorcyclists, authorities decided to invite representatives of biker groups for a discussion before the peak season kicks off next month.

"We will need the cooperation of motorcycle riders," Kanchit Srinoppavan, chief of Khao Yai National Park, said.
He said while the park had barred vehicles with engines louder than 95 decibels from entering since 2005, a large group of motorcyclists whose engines pass sound-intensity tests individually, cause a lot of noise when they ride together. "We want them to ride slowly and leave space between each other. If they ride as a big group, their motorcycles will be very noisy," Kanchit explained. He said he would prefer to seek their cooperation than to issue new rules.

"Drive slower and you will be able to admire nature more," he said. The Khao Yai forest zone attracted more than a million visitors in fiscal 2014. Judging by such a huge number, this zone is officially the most popular of Thailand's national-park zones.

Meanwhile, Thongchai Saengprathum, secretary of Khao Yai Foundation, yesterday lamented the lax enforcement of some measures implemented at the park. "For example, while there is a rule putting the speed limit inside the park at 60 kilometres per hour, speed humps have been removed as if to please some speeders," he said.

He said Khao Yai had many good rules - they just needed to be enforced. "By enforcing these measures seriously, we should be able to protect the safety of both the tourists and the animals."Tag: Exhaust-Noise Noise-Polution Khao Yai
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