Keep your Motorcycle Braking Under Check

While your braking technique matters a lot, it will go in vain if the brake components of your motorcycle are not in a healthy condition. Remember to check the disc brake oil level from time to time. If it falls below the indicated minimum level, get the fluid changed and refilled with the manufacturer recommended grade.

Caution should be taken so that no air bubbles get trapped in the brake lines which could dampen braking effect. Check if your rear brake setting feels adequate to your ankle movement. If not, adjust it accordingly. In case you experience a lack of feel from your brakes despite all requisite settings, check the brake shoes and the disc pads. Get them replaced, if required. Brake shoes or disc pads do not cost that much.

Tires and grip play an important role during braking. A good set of tires will ad to your stability. A tire made of fairly soft rubber compound wears and tears faster but offers very high traction/footing. Similarly, the better the tire grips, the more effective your stopping competency will be. This is why you need to check your tires from time to time.
In contrast to an easy rider, a harsh or fast rider may have to change tires more frequently. Note that a groove line running around the middle of a front tire offers enhanced stopping power without skidding. During the raining season, it is recommended to go for a special set of tires that have additional anti-skidding grips.

With the introduction of modern technology, even the smallest motorcycles are becoming faster than ever and are equipped with new age braking systems. Unfortunately, most Thai teenage enthusiasts dedicate most of the time trying to achieve the top speed in the shortest possible time and rarely work on their braking skills.
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