The Kawasaki Kaze Hit as step-through commuter bike

Let me start by saying the new Kawasaki Kaze Hit is a remarkable little commuter-style little motorcycle but one that is seriously less popular then comparable motorcycles from Honda. And let me say that this is a crying shame, especially when I could mention the Kawasaki Kaze Hit's strong, willing 112cc engine, which matches instant punch with a decent top-end rush.

Or the rear suspension system that gives you a magic carpet ride, even over cobble stones. Or the fact that the big wheels give you amazing stability - even at an indicated 100km/h. Or that the Kawasaki Hit's Dual Piston Caliper front disc brake together with the Rear drum brake was an absolute revelation.

Then, perhaps, I'd finish by mentioning the fact that as a step-through motorcycle you feel like riding your most comfortable sofa around. But none of you would listen. Would you? You'd continue to use the bus, MRT or skytrain - or perhaps - you enjoin the endless rush-hour traffic jams.
Do you know that the Kawasaki Kaze Hit is Thailand's most economically priced motorcycle, with a suggested retail price of just around 30,000 Baht. With current travel expenses going up you could find that this motorcycle is per year cheaper then traveling like a canned fish in the morning bus.

This is a real shame, as I've not been so impressed by s scooter since the likes of the Honda Sonic and the Yamaha X-1R, which are not really scooters. Where the Kawasaki Kaze Hit scores over these two is the fact that this baby feels smaller, lighter and much more maneuverable than the other two - as well as being very stable at higher speeds. Unfortunately, being smaller means that carrying capacity is somewhat limited, still it is enough for two persons and several bags (and I'm not the lightest).

If you're interested - and I hope lots of you are - speak to your Kawasaki dealer, and get out of that crowded bus.
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