The Kawasaki ZX130 Reintroduced in Thailand

The comeback of the Kawasaki ZX130, for Kawasaki lovers – the ZX130 is not the latest Ninja sport motorcycle – all I have to say that the reintroduction happened without any announcement or press release so still a bit Ninja like, silent and deathly. The question remains is the Thai motorcycle market now ready for the Kawasaki ZX130, which is basically a step-through motorcycle with some extra power. Probably one of the fastest in it's price class, and surely faster than all 125cc.

Technically the Kawasaki ZX130 is nothing special, it's powered by a 4-stroke, single-cylinder, SOHC, air-cooled, 130cc engine, with a compression ratio of 10:1 (what is a bit higher than the average 125cc step-through motorcycle). The ZX130 is still using a carburetor for fueling, but that should not be a issue as the plastics involved in the fueling system are created with a Ethanol inhibitor, which gives the Kawasaki the capability to use E10 (ethanol 10% fuels).
The semi-automatic 4-speed gearbox is as smooth as we can expect from a Kawasaki, also the overall build is as we can expect from the Japanese giant. The basic model comes with spoked wheels with 70/90-17 front tire and 80/90-17 rear tire, and for the wheel dual caliper disc brake and a rear drum brake, the brakes and road handling good enough to stop the Kawasaki ZX130 at the most difficult situations.

Looking at the Kawasaki ZX130, we not see much things changed compared to the 2008 model, maybe another paint job (but that can be my imagination). Today with Kawasaki working hard to establish brand dealers nationwide a 130cc Ninja Step-Through could be just what they need. Kawasaki doesn't want to call the ZX130 a Ninja but the Kawasaki ZX130 is a silent killer, with a quick look you would think 'hmm Kawasaki also has a shopping bike', but in details like an tacho meter you will see that it has just that little extra... and at a traffic light the Kawasaki ZX130 is likely the first away, as the 130cc engine offer just that little extra power.
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