Kawasaki ZX-10R, Two Brothers Racing V.A.L.E. Exhaust

<img width="200" height="116" class="floatleft" src="www.motorcycle.in.th/images/articles/Kawasaki-ZX-10R_Two-Brothers-Racing-VALE_1.jpg" alt="" />It's said that currently the Kawasaki ZX-10R is the most powerful of all the 1,000cc racer-replicas. However, the Kawasaki ZX-10R doesn't deliver the low-end and midrange grunt of the compared to the Suzuki GSX-R1000. Styling of the large, right-side-stock exhaust canister didn't win any friends, also.

To see if we could liven up the low-end and tidy up appearances, we installed a Two Brothers Racing Variable Axis Locking Exhaust (V.A.L,E.). Two Brothers Racing claims that the carbon-fiber slip-on weighs less than the Kawasaki stock model, and increases horsepower and torque across the revving range. We also ordered the Two Brother Racing Juice Box fuel controller – a proprietary device designed to compensate for the freer-flowing muffler design – and a sound reducing Quiet Tip P1 insert.

Contained within the shipping box, were detailed instructions for installation and all necessary hardware. The real surprise, though, was that license-plate-eliminator kit, complete with license-plate bracket, turn-signals and plate-mounting hardware with built-in LED lights, was included in the pipe's price.
<img width="200" height="117" class="floatright" src="www.motorcycle.in.th/images/articles/Kawasaki-ZX-10R_Two-Brothers-Racing-VALE_2.jpg" alt="" />Because if is designed to optimize fuel delivery, the plug-and-play Two Brother Racing Juice Box allows the user to add fuel in six different zones. Key here is that the lowest setting is the standard fuel map; it cannot be leaned out beyond stock levels. After installing the Juice Box in the tailsection, we did some testing. By adding fuel in the lower rpm range (zone 1), we were able to smooth off-idle throttle delivery, which in turn made stoplight get-aways easier.

Compared to the stock setup, output improved from around 2,500 rpm to redline, pretty impressive. Our concern was that the sound emanating from the nicely turned-out silencer was far too loud for street use. We installed the more-restrictive Two Brother Racing Quiet Tip, which reduced sound emissions a lot. The insert had minimal effect on power output.

With its across-the-board power gains, sharp styling and included fender-eliminator kit, Two Brothers' V.A.L.E. Exhaust system is not only an impressive performer, it's a good deal.
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