The Kawasaki Z1000 with GPR Powercone Exhaust

The GPR Powercone exhaust system for the Kawasaki Z1000 are a massive improvement, in terms of looks, over the Kawasaki's obsese standard end-cans. We hear many complains from Kawasaki Z1000 riders that the standard Kawasaki exhaust weighs a massive amount, we are please to tell that the GPR Powercone end-cans weigh 5 kilograms less than the originals they replace, and they not even much louder. So you not attract unnecessary attention from the police.

For people who want a bit deeper exhaust noise, you can modify the GPR Powercone so they make more noise.
The British made GPR Powercone have a pleasingly raw-edged style, owing to their exposed, hand-finished welding and mini megaphone shape.

They are made from steel and each one has a removable baffle, ensuring compliance with Thai environmental noise regulation. GPR claims a power gain for the Powercone of 4.7 horsepower, without the need to re-map the fueling system.
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